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San Jose Tree Trimming Pros Needed for the Early Removal of Dead Trees

1 Feb

The dead trees were removed, within the deadline set by the City, but the urgency given by the city officials to the removal of the trees highlights the hazards these present.

Dead trees around the San Jose area should be removed by San Jose tree care pros because they’re weak, and might shed branches in a storm or even a simple windy day. Falling branches can damage nearby structures and objects, or even injure people and animals that may be passing underneath. The Bay Area might not be known for gusty winds at all, but the recent storm that hampered holiday travel last November 30 proves that no one can ever take chances.


Call San Jose Tree Service Arborists for Help in Tree Removal Dilemmas

28 Jan

The Council is expected to meet again sometime soon regarding the protected status of the Bay Laurel tree. This species of trees is vulnerable to an oak killer known as the anthracnose fungus, identifiable by the growth of brown or black tarlike spots on leaves. It thrives on moist climate, which the Bay Area’s maritime geographic position provides.

San Jose Tree Care Requires More than Watering Cans and Fertilizer

14 Nov

Trees are a great addition to any property. They provide shade and they improve your home’s curb appeal; however, a lot of people expect trees to take care of themselves like they do in nature and just water them every now and then. Unfortunately, a tree on your lawn is going to need more help, especially if you want it to look its best. Here’s a few tips on tree care for San Jose residents.

First, water the tree properly. Leaving it to a sprinkler system is not going to cut it since trees need a considerable amount. The correct way of making sure a tree gets the water it needs is to soak the ground around the tree. If it’s a newly planted tree, the roots haven’t developed yet so the soaking should be done near the trunk. For more developed trees, you’ll have to spread the water out more around the tree’s canopy.

Arborist in San Jose: How to Handle Tree Disputes with Your Neighbor

12 Nov

Neighbors can sometimes dispute on the silliest of things: Wi-Fi, loud music, garbage can placements—the list is practically endless. However, one thing that’s definitely not silly to argue about is trees on a property. When a tree branch goes beyond your home’s boundary, or when a fallen tree causes extensive damage to property are really not something to be taken lightly. Determining the right to plant trees near property lines and who pays when trees cause damage are all important issues that could use some clarity.

Who to talk to about matters related to trees on a property?

A certified arborist in San Jose is a preeminent authority on any issues concerning trees on a property—especially fallen or diseased trees. This type of professional brings an extensive and independent viewpoint to the diagnosis, evaluation, and appraisal of arboricultural issues and may provide legal expertise and arborist reports as necessary.

Expert San Jose Tree Trimming Can Save Your Home From Forest Fires

25 Oct

Two huge wildfires in the state have been all but brought under control by state and federal fire crews. Totaling over 90,000 hectares, the fires that scorched huge areas of El Dorado and Klamath National Forests have been declared 98% and 97% contained. The latter alone has cost the U.S. $87 million to put out.

Palo Alto homeowners should be just as alert. Just west of the city are natural reserves like Purisima Creek and El Corte de Madera Creek, small forests but just as prone to wildfires. The embers can be swept by air and dropped onto urban trees in major cities. Preventive measures such as San Jose tree trimming can help reduce the risks to homes.

Regular Tree Service in San Jose Will Keep These Leafy Beings Healthy

21 Oct

The city of San Jose is abundant with trees. Whether planted in the streets by government employees, nurtured by private citizens in their own backyards or grown by Mother Nature herself, these wooden co-inhabitants of the city are not just making the landscape pleasing to the eyes; they also benefit the whole area. By purifying the air that people breathe and producing food to eat, trees help sustain human life.

It is only right, therefore, to take care of them especially if you have one in your property. Giving your leafy backyard residents enough water every day and a space with adequate sunlight are just the basics. To stay healthy, trees need regular servicing as well.

Tree Care in San Jose during Drought: Two Ways to Keep Trees Healthy

9 Sep

Tree trimming by Palo Alto experts gets rid of wilted leaves and pest- or insect-ridden branches, two things common in drought-stressed trees. However, pruning healthy leaves and branches should be avoided since it will affect the trees’ ability to produce the food they need.

As with root feeding, pruning is one task that should be assigned to the pros. Pros are well-versed in the right techniques for trimming trees without compromising their health.