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Tree Care in Palo Alto Ensures Optimum Tree Health and Property Value

15 Jul

First, removing dead and overhanging branches prevents the growth of watersprouts, unhealthy shoots that affect trees’ ability to bear fruit. Second, it keeps your landscape clean and well-manicured, thereby boosting overall curb appeal.

However, since tree pruning involves climbing, which may lead to fall accidents, it is best to entrust this task to Palo Alto tree pruning professionals. According to Kennedy


San Jose Tree Care Specialists Keep Your Property Beautiful and Safe

13 Jul

These simple things show just how trees are valued in California, particularly in the Bay Area. However, caring for trees is very different from tending to one’s garden at home. Often, neighborhoods and households are better off calling San Jose tree care experts, like Bay Area Tree Specialists, than attempt the task by themselves as tree care can be very dangerous without the right tools and skills.

Take, for instance, the act of pruning. Some trees like the Valley oak (Quercus lobata), are actually best pruned in the winter months. Reducing the oak tree’s size while it lacks leaves or buds often helps minimize its chances of contracting diseases or being infested with bugs; things that usually occur during summer.

Trust a San Jose Arborist to Detect Sudden Oak Death, Other Diseases

11 Jul

If any tree on your property appears to harbor the disease, you can seek a Palo Alto tree service expert like Bay Area Tree Specialists that can perform proper assessment and treatment before it is too late.

A trusted arborist for San Jose and Palo Alto can check the affected tree and nearby plants for signs of infection. Such a licensed professional can confirm the diagnosis by obtaining a specimen for laboratory analysis.

San Jose Tree Service Experts Act Fast on Trees Inundated by Saltwater

9 Jul

A San Jose tree service provider like Bay Area Tree Specialists knows that these symptoms require prompt action as a dying tree can pose safety risks for anyone passing below. Property owners, after all, can hardly wish to be held liable for a huge section of the tree falling on a parked car or, worse, a pedestrian.

Prior to cutting down any tree, Palo Alto tree removal experts typically conduct thorough inspections to ensure that a tree is indeed on its last legs. Arborists then cut down sections or entire trees before they inflict serious harm or damage.